Pt. Lobos dive using Intova Sport Pro HD 1080P video camera 9-12-12

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We did a two tank dive, reaching depths from 32-47 feet for 35-43 minutes. Water temp. was 54-56 degrees, and we had some surge. We found a great place to dive; we believe it's called "Middle Reef." Vis 15-20 feet.
We swam out of the surface, navigating through the kelp as far as we could go before the kelp stopped us. We took a heading 30 degrees off north. (Towards the right side of the bay towards the mouth to open sea, but did not go that far.) We also turned around to take a bearing to return, which happened to be 180 degrees from our first bearing. We then went down and swam over the sand channel into the deeper reefs. We found a lot of diverse life to video and study. There were many nudibranchs, large lingcod, rockfish, orange puffball sponges, soft coral, and many other forms of life.



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