2016 Annual Membership Meeting

The Point Lobos Foundation welcomes guest speaker, Dr. Stephen Palumbi, Director of the Stanford University Hopkins Marine Station, to the Annual Membership Meeting on January 9, 2016.

Stephen Palumbi received his Ph.D. from University of Washington in marine ecology. His research group studies the genetics, evolution, conservation, population biology and systematics of a diverse array of marine organisms. Professor Palumbi’s own research interests are similarly widespread, and he has published on the genetics and evolution of sea urchins, whales, cone snails, corals, sharks, spiders, shrimps, bryozoans, and butterflyfishes. Recent conservation work centers on the genetics of marine reserves designed for conservation and fisheries enhancement, with projects in the Philippines, Bahamas and western U.S. coast. 

One of his recent books, published in November 2010, The Death and Life of Monterey Bay: A Story of Revival, is a good-news environmental story about the difference that ordinary citizens can make in creating diverse, sustainable ecosystems and diverse, sustainable economies. Steve is a Pew Fellow in Marine Conservation, senior fellow at the Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment, married to physician Mary Roberts, father of two grown children, and founding member of the band Sustainable Sole.

The Annual Meeting also includes updates from key directors and a presentation of the Jud Vandevere Lifetime Achievement Award. This year's recipient is Point Lobos Docent, Ed Clifton. It will be held on Saturday, January 9 at Asilomar's Merrill Hall from 9:00am (social hour from 9-9:30) to noon. Foundation members are asked to RSVP (click here).

Photo: Chip Schuer