Gift Memberships

Share Point Lobos with your loved ones with a gift membership. For $50 or more, recipients will receive a package of ten fine-art note cards and invitations to special events. Personalize your gift with your choice of a red, blue or ivory ribbon. 

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Cards are printed on recycled paper with vegetable-based inks and proceeds benefit Point Lobos State Natural Reserve.For personal assistance with your order, please contact Tracy Ricci at 866-338-7227 ext. 107.

Top of page: "Sanctuary" by Judy Miller
Above, left to right: "Low Tide Rocks, Point Lobos" by Jan Frank, "Point Lobos Glory" by Coraly Hanson, "China Pattern" by Carolyn Lord, "Cove Colors" by Bonnie Joy Sedlak

Above, left to right: "Sunset at Point Lobos" by James McGrew, "Cypress Summit" by Miguel Dominguez, "Whalers Cove, 
Point Lobos" by Reid Woodward

Above, left to right: "Cypress Cove" by Mark Farina, "Sunny Morning on Gibson Beach" by Laura Lindem