Condor at Point Lobos -- a Miracle!

Well, it's official.  Condor 538 has landed!!!  Point Lobos now has photographic evidence of condors in the Reserve.  See the photos below.  Most of the visitors on the trail above were staring in wonder at the humpbacks, cormorants, sea otters and all the other "usual suspects".  Oh yeah, and a condor!!!

(Editor's notes: You may be able to read the tag as "38" in the photos.  The black color of this tag indicates that the first digit of the "studbook number" is a 5, thus 538.  The "small" black bird in the second photo is a Turkey Vulture!)

According to docent Tom Clifton: the condor seen was given the name "Miracle", the first completely wild chick hatched in Big Sur in over a century.  Her parents laid, hatched, reared, and fledged her without management intervention.  How cool is that ... our own little Miracle at Point Lobos.

Here is the bio on Condor 538, courtesy the Ventana Wildlife Society: Condor 538



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