Scribbles from above Whalers Cove: A great man passed by


There's a hole in my heart today
      Bigger than Big Dome
An ache that smolders, and wonders
      Why time travel can't be real
There's a longing in my heart now
      To encounter afresh
A life I can only admire from afar
      Having passed by my life too quickly


I told him once, only once
      What he'd come to mean to me
And now it's too late
      Here in the living time
So Kurt, I hope you can hear
      And know my heart's cry
As I look in the mirror
      Wondering, what could have been
I will treasure you, forever, I hope
      A man of wonder and passion
Of learning and living
      All the days I am given
"All real living is in meeting."  Martin Buber
Photo of Kurt Loesch in Whalers Cabin
courtesy of Monica Hudson, from
Images of America, Point Lobos


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