Scribbles from North Shore Trail, aka the Butterfly-Wildflower trail

Monterey is not exactly LA or SF or NY or fill in the blank.  But we do have our rush hour - OK, more like half hour - along with the other modern distractions that encourage a buzz in my head.  In counterpoint, Point Lobos beacons.  Today, my hike begins in Whalers Cove.  I'm greeted by five newborn harbor seals, umbilical cords shining in the patchy sunlight, and mother's milk calling.  And people; lots of people, taking in the wonder of creation from the bluff above the birthing beach.  Some sit quietly in serene contemplation.  Some pepper a Docent with questions.  Others shake their heads in wonderment at the image their camera just captured.

A few minutes away, Bluefish Cove offers similar wonders, and maybe just a little bit more of the sounds of silence.  Wind whistles through the pines and the granite and the Douglas Iris.  An otter's "eek" rises to greet me.  She's calling to her pup, who "eeks" back.  Reunited, they cartwheel and splash and nuzzle over and around and back again.  Bird melodies float across the cove (in three part harmony?)  A hoarse growl, or roar, or whatever it is an irate harbor seal produces adds to the texture of the air - a newborn is getting an earful after trying to nurse from the wrong mother.  Lurching awkwardly over the sand, finally, mom is found.

A delicate pitter patter adds to the silent beauty.  Raindrops fall.  More Seaside Painted Cup and Douglas Iris and Wood Mint than I can count soak up the nectar, some of it pooling in the Iris sepals.  And I swear I hear Butterfly wings.  Soon, twenty or so Monarchs dance across my vision, alighting on Wood Mint here and Wild Blackberry there.  In a small, intimate way, the universe unfolds itself.  I hear my heart, and realize the buzz is gone.

"One learns that the world, though made, is yet being made; that this is still the morning of creation."  John Muir




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