Scribbles from Weston Beach: an extreme tide range

OK, here's the thing: it's not the Bay of Fundy with its jawdropping 55 foot tide range. Granting that, Monterey's 8.2 range a few days ago on November 14th was still impressive. And especially so at Weston Beach ... with no need for the chilly journey to Nova Scotia. News flash: if you missed it, Santa will arrive early with our most extreme tidal range of the year. We'll have an 8.6 foot tidal swing on Thursday, December 13th.

So, consider marking your calendar and experiencing the high tide of 6.9 feet at 9:18am, and then the low of negative 1.7 feet at 4:41pm. If you just can't make it to Weston Beach for this "extreme" adventure, do yourself a favor and do it somewhere. If you can, arrive early and bring the wellies for the afternoon low tide. The tide pooling should be great, even if the footing promises to be a slip-sliding time walking on exposed kelp.

An added bonus in December could be the sunset at 4:52pm. November's brought "buttermilk clouds" with, as fellow docent Fred Brown called it, a "sunset torch." Yikes. Watching from Weston Beach, we stood awestruck for what seemed like hours, as the sunset wouldn't diminish in its glory. Even saw the "green flash." No kidding. Not progosticating here, but December is always a magical month ... so who knows what glories we'll behold on another extreme tidal day? Maybe a Gray Whale or two on their way to Baja?  Or something else just as magical ...

"Never waste any amount of time doing anything important when there is a sunset outside that you should be sitting under."  C. Joybell C.


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