Scribbles from Weston Beach: a Sea Palm life

A foaming churning force rushes forward
Visible beneath the backwash
Of the penultimate wave
Retreating from the beating it has unleased
Expended on the fragile whipsawed Postelsia
Held fast on seemingly impervious granite slopes
Facing the cold unrelenting Pacific
Nothing between this erosive power
Except destruction
Life clings and survives and thrives
And lives on
For what possible reason
Do these palms of the sea exist
Smashed and torn wave upon wave
On this tiny mass of granite
Buffeted and pounded
In the immensity of the universe
Into which one black hole
All the Milky Way would disappear
Postelsia and Laminaria and their brethren
Hold fast
And live on
Stubbornly persistent
Bearing the brunt of life's
Crushing storms of difficulty and doubt
Buffeted and shredded to bits by circumstance
Amidst furies of financial chaos and warfare
Over and Over and Over
In the end, is it enough to barely be hanging on?
Maybe not, but it's really something.
"I wonder if leaves feel lonely, when they see their neighbors falling."  John Muir


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