An anniversary to remember

On Friday afternoon April 30,  I preceded my husband Larry toward the  overlook on Sea Lion Point Trail.  A young couple came frolicking down the trail toward me.  I asked if they had seen the whales blowing as I gestured toward the ocean.  They stopped and made an abrupt about-face toward the overlook.  When I joined them,  I pointed to the blows.  A small group began to form.  Then the whales began to breach.  We were all delighted  but  Larry's cooler demeanor prevailed .  He called to alert the folks at the Info Station of our good fortune so they could direct other visitors our way.  And that they did.  A large group of on-lookers gathered to o-o-o and a-a-ah with us.  This was a great opportunity to inject  whale-watching terminology , e.g. fluke, breach, blow ,etc. , which some visitors repeated in their own observations.  This pod of humpbacks was most demonstative and provided approximately six breaches in a period of about half an hour. 

Finally, the blows retreated farther and farther out to sea.  We all remained in hopeful anticipation of another demonstation, but that was not to be.  As the crowd began to disperse, the couple I had initially met on the trail came over to tell me that this was their first wedding anniversary, that they were so grateful that  I had alerted them to the whales which they had never before seen, and then they each gave me a hug of appreciation.  I wished them a happy anniversary and hoped that the picture they took would serve as a future reminder of how and where they spent their first anniversary.

I cannot express how much this young couple touched my heart.  I sincerely hope that their future will hold as much good fortune for them as their first anniversary at Pt. Lobos.

posted by docent Carol Rychener


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