A magical day to be at Point Lobos

"Docent News" item by Ed Clifton:
I arrived at Whalers Cove a few minutes before 11:00 on the morning of January 13, ready to take my place in Whalers Cabin.  It was a beautiful morning, cool, but not cold, a hint of a breeze, everything bathed in the golden light of the winter sun. As I left the car, a loud splash close to shore near the end of the parking lot drew my attention, followed by another and still a third.  Pelicans were diving for their breakfast!  A flock wheeled above the water while harbor seals cruised back and forth near the shoreline.  An awesome sight!

The pelicans remained in the Cove most of the morning, circling and sporadically going into a feeding mode.  Watching them fold their wings and plunge into the water was breathtaking!  And it looked like porpoises or dolphins may have joined the show., although I could not be sure.  Perhaps they were harbor seals but I have never seen seals porpoising through the water that way. 

While watching this show, I noted our pergrin falcon gliding landward just above the cypress tress, then a few minutes later, retreating back across the cove with a crow in hot pursuit.  A monarch butterfly flirted briefly with the sea cliff before fluttering to the safety of the shore.

Another magical moment at Point Lobos!

And a follow-up comment by docent Paul Reps:
And this perfectly describes the wonders of the Reserve and why we do what we do!

If only the "crowds" on holidays could take the time, pocket their phones, sit for a minute, and experience the heart tugs we sometimes take for granted.

Today, the whales put on a show so close to shore that people were running out on the Cypress Trail to see them within 50' from the sea palms near the pinnacle!

It was a special day, and the Reserve was so tame today it was almost like I wish it would be every day of the year! Not many people, all friendly and in love with their experience, and everyone stopped me with questions about multiple topics. This day was a day to be a Docent, so much so, I missed feeding my dogs and they got a late dinner, sorry guys!


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