Rafts of otters and mating cormorants

"Yesterday (Sunday, Feb 23) I took the scope to the Pelican Island lookout because a photographer with a long lens camera reported there were 20+ otters in the kelp beds just south of the lookout.  No, I didn't get an accurate count!  They kept rolling and changing places, but there were two large rafts of at least 20 otters.  Visitors enjoyed viewing the otters and the cormorants on the rock in the foreground who totally ignored our talking and exclamations and kept very focused on thier mating rituals.  It would have made some great "Wild Kingdom" footage!  At one point a zealous cormorant suitor compiled a great stack of weedy nest offerings and when his back was turned five or six of his 'buddies' raided his stash and quickly took off in every direction with big billfulls.  Another great day at Point Lobos!"  

Observation from docent Barbara Nowinski


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Thank you, Barbara, for submitting an observation that will be of interest to many visitors to the PLF website. Yours is the first entry into Life in the Reserve on the home page of the new website.

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