Resoureful docent effectively communicates the hazards of poison oak to Chinese students

by Manus (M.C.) Donahue

Docents showed up in force for an unusual Friday afternoon school walk.  We hosted about 40 Chinese exchange students who were spending their summer in California.  I had  7 of the Chinese students - all teenage girls. I quickly realized that their English was about as good as my Chinese, but I was sure that the magic of the tide pools would translate without words.  On the way to the ocean, I pointed out poison oak, and using my Oscar-not winning skills, I tried to convey the danger along with the warning, “Don’t touch This!”  The walk progressed and as we were going up the hill to Seal Lion Point, the girls started singing and dancing, “U Can’t Touch This.”  I was so proud of my communication skills until later when a much more “with it” friend pointed out this is a very famous rap video by M.C. Hammer.  I now have my first rap video on the ipad and a new way to inform visitors of the poison oak menace.


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