School walks were a blast this week

School walks were a blast this week..... The 4th graders were their usual chatty and inquisitive . One of the highlights was 'live streaming' ( a first for me) of our manly sea lions off Sea Lion Point ----- real-time views from a spotting scope shown on a tablet. it was a show stopper as the kiddos wandered up and peeked into the IPad .

One day we had three different scopes set up along the trail focusing on sea lions,sea otters and a group of follicking seal lions.

Then there was a moment in time when as we walked along and pointed out the wonders of Point Lobos and/or how it was named when a young lady,'Yolanda' who was leading the group tugged at my sleeve and shared..'Fernando have me thinking"...WOW..that comment just made my week!  
Fernando Elizondo, November 7


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