Winter Solstice beauty GREAT and small

Enjoyed leading a tide pool public walk; took some photos of the sunset; walked to the car and met a visitor who had come from the other side of the bay to watch the sunset from her tailgate at Weston Beach for the winter solstice...then I realized that it wasn't "just" any sunset at Weston that I'd photographed, but the 2014 Weston Winter Solstice.  Also added a photo of bubbles on a feather that tickles me.



Oh that bubble on feather photo, I like it. But the photo of sunset is so epic! instagram viewer

It is the beautiful scene of the sunset and I never found such an amazing and wonderful picture. It is the miraculous place for the visitor and rushessay they can enjoy lots. Some people keep dreaming of visiting such an amazing place and such people only just dreaming but it is the wonderful opportunity.

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