Spider Walk

Ballooning, turrets made of leaves and pine needles, double hammocks hung on trees and walking sideways like a crab -- just some of the fascinating attributes of our Point Lobos spider population that a dozen docents learned about during a "spider walk" with RJ Adams.

Some were shy to come out of their cozy tunnels while others hung upside down in plain sight while we craned our necks to see their acrobatic activities.

A hike through the Reserve is refreshing and always beautiful.  A slower paced watchful stroll can be more rewarding when you discover the multitude of diverse living things all interacting with each other -- right under your feet or over your head.  

You can find Turret

[Agelenidae]. the "funnel-web weaver":

Spiders (Antrodiaetidae) on the Lace Lichen Trail and the Sheet-web weavers (Linyphiidae) strung between Pines Trees everywhere. Stop and look next time you're looking for something new. Remember not to disturb our eight legged friends who help keep the Reserve in ecological balance.
Turret Spider Burrow [Antrodiaetidae]


Cellar Spider [Pholcidae] : (The "Daddy Long-legs" spider.  These live near or in houses.  This one lives in the cabin at the entrance kiosk on  the front porch)


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