Baby Updates at the Reserve

Well, today was an update for our otter 696"b"; (as Dave Evans has so aptly named our pup); and a new little addition at the Pelican Point platform lookout! You will find the little bunny near the lookout often, if all is quiet! And as for our otter twin, it's almost a given that between 1-3PM she brings her pup to show off to visitors right by the road at Whalers Cove, just up from the rescue boat sheds. She likes the kelp near the road, where she anchors, sleeps and then nurtures her little one.  ( I think she is showing it off to visitors). I often wonder what she would imagine if she knew what her son, otter 696 was doing and growing at the Aquarium; given the updates we receive from the staff there?

But then, I'm  anthropomophizing, aren't I! Sorry, just caring for the wee ones!

(Editor note:  Due to a miracle of timing and decisive action by docent Paul Reps, it is quite possible that the first sea otter twins ever born in the wild have an excellent chance of surviving to maturity.  See the back story of twins born at Point Lobos on Febuary 26.  Mother otters are unable to support two babies at a time, and it is thought that one always dies.  But Paul, after hearing from a visitor who had an undeniable photo, was convinced and sprang into action.  He called the Sea Otter Research and Conservation (SORAC) program, and its team collected one pup to take to its facility at the Monterey Bay Aquarium.  That pup (Otter 696) has now been placed with a surrogate mother who will teach it what it needs to know to survive.  The other pup can be seen in Paul's photo to be thriving with its mother at Point Lobos, and it will also get that education.)



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