Mountain Lion seen in Point Lobos!

I was at the Information Station today with docent Jacolyn Harmer and the reserve was absolutely crazy! I had a visitor come to me and ask if I'd walk back on the Cypress Grove trail to identify a paw print she found in the mud on the trail. About five minutes into our trek, she showed me the puddle and the print. Sure enough, it was there, one big old paw print of a ... Mountain Lion!!!

As we were bent over looking we both looked to our left to the rocks that are at the stairway down to Cypress Cove, and we saw the cat taking shelter in the rocks out of sight of everyone, to stay "out of trouble"!

We both gasped, and our visitor's eyes were the size of silver dollars! Not being able to see my own eyes, I'm not sure how large mine were, but my heart was really racing hard. We left, smiles on our faces and we both agreed to not let others know, as who knew what would have happened. I did tell ranger Dan about our finding as he was on the trail mending things, and he said he keep an eye out, but agreed, not letting others know was the right call.

I'm sure when the Reserve closes and it gets dark, it will head out of there to find some peace and quiet, as I did after the clock struck 3PM and my shift was over. I too, couldn't wait to get home to some peace and quiet, too!


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