Otter twins!!!

Visitors alerted us to the birth of twin otter  pups on February 26! Mom was straining to handle the two pups and we could see that she was overtaxed! A diver's boat was coming in after a dive and caused her to panic and she grabbed one pup, leaving the other on a rock where she had hauled out to care for her two new little ones! The one that was left to fend for himself fell off the rock and into the crevisses and was being beaten by the incoming high tide! I called Sea Otter Research and Conservation (SORAC) and they sent a team out for the rescue, a Zodiak, kayak, two SORAC members and someone to document the rescue.

Below: Otter with two pups.   Otter apparently trying to shield pups from wave.   Pup left behind in a crevice.


The good news, the less-than-a-day-old male pup was saved, but mom was hearing her second pup and started to "freak out" over hearing him. She was trying to approach the boat to get him back, but once he was on land she tended to the pup she choose to "save"!

After a quick exam, we were told by the rescuers that it was a confirmed male, born sometime today, and was in need of immediate support as neither pup was receiving 100% of Mom's resources and support for food and care.

Pup 696 is now at the Aquarium receiving immediate care, Mom is now in Whaler's Cove taking close care of the other pup, and here are my photos of Mom tending to the two pups, the rescue, the quick exam of the rescued pup, and the happy ending.

Many visitors cheered, cried tears of joy, one couple said it was their first time at the Reserve and asked, "is it always like this"?  After a hardy laugh, I advised them to by a lottery ticket; as this was a once in a lifetime event!

Below: Otter pup retrieved!   Rescued pup on boat.   Mom and pup she saved resting in cove.
                                                                               Click on photo to see Fred Brown's video of them on March 1.


Update: As of March 7, both otter 696 and his sibling at Point Lobs appear to be thriving.


It's so sad to see that otter Mom couldn't save both of them, but it's nice to see the rescuer come and save that little pup immediately. instagram online Don't worry cutie! They are very kind and will help you!

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