Let your mind take a journey to Point Lobos on a beautiful Sunday

   A brilliant patchy blue gray light glistened through the trees 
   Otters and harbor seals frolicking in the rising tide
   A Great blue perched upon a rock sheltered from the breeze
   A nature loving joyful friend walking by my side

   The scent of pines and ocean blend in the forest air
   Scurrying squirrels jumping from tree to tree
   Like minded spirits walking softly on trails with care
   These days of reflection on natures wonders sets the spirit free

   Walking along the trail taking in the jade green colors of China Cove
   Cormorants and Brown Pelicans soaring through rocky shorelines
   Whale spouts, flukes, fin slapping, look look now they dove
   Honey suckle flowers and berries hanging from long slender vines

   A final stroll through Cypress Grove, a zen pathway of sights untold
   We stop to gaze upon another ocean scape two otters floating and swimming
   Hiking over granite paths, we see limbs and stone adorned with reddish gold
   While leaving we reflect on what we've seen, leaving our head spinning.

Randy Warren, August 17


Randy, I am impressed by the poem. Nice flow of thoughts, when I was reading each new line I was taken spiritually to some nice place with blue gray light glistened through the trees, which is where present scent of pines and ocean blend in the forest air - fantastic! Would you like to become an essay writer and write more serious content? You have good writing skills for that.

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