Precious moment at Point Lobos

A memorable experience happened when a six year old Japanese boy shyly walked up the trail where I had a scope set up during an Easy Access Adventure. With the scope adjusted to its lowest height, I got down on one knee to get face to face with this young man. I told him this scope is set up just for people his size, and then asked him if he could say harbor seal. The child looked up at his Dad and his father said go ahead. "Harbor seal" he said with a smile on his face, his parents gleaming. Glued to the scope for a number of minutes, the little boy looked up with a “Whoooow”! 


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Nice to read these stories about priceless various emotions one can experience at Point Lobos. This entry underlies that not only meeting with nature there are unforgettable but also getting together with other people. If I do not need to write my essay in six hours i would rush there right away.

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