2013 Point Lobos Foundation Annual Meeting

At our annual meeting on January 5, we were fortunate to have the new Director of California State Parks, Major General Anthony L. Jackson (USMC retired) as our featured speaker. Everyone - including representatives of our sister cooperating associations the Monterey Historic Parks Association, Central Coast Lighthouse Keepers, and Big Sur Natural History Association - was very impressed.

General Jackson talked of a life of public service, including over 36 years in the Marine Corps. He spoke of his work on behalf of the environment and protection of public lands, as Commanding Officer in charge of all Marine Corps bases in the West (who knew that Camp Pendleton had one of the largest herd of bison in the country?) and as a supporter of Palomar Mountain State Park.

He stressed three aspects of his management of State Parks: financial management, transparency, and priorities.  He promised to assure that every penny is spent wisely. General Jackson promised greater transparency in all aspects of State Parks management, including financial management. Finally, facing severe fiscal constraints, he will set priorities and direct resources based on those priorities.

As a starting point, he is asking each of his twenty District Superintendents -- including Monterey District Superintendent Mat Fuzie -- to give him their top five priorities. Those will be whittled down to a manageable number of priorities for State Parks as a whole. Decisions regarding local priorities and implementation will be delegated to his District Superintendents. 

We look forward to an even more productive relationship with State Parks under General jackson’s tenure.

We also honored recently deceased PLF director Lynne Miles, introduced new Directors Karen Bernstein and Ron Wormser, and thanked outgoing directors Steve Dennis and Kathy Petty. Eric Abma, Acting Sector Superintendent at State Parks presented the prestigious Poppy Award to former PLF director Carl Voss and docent Wayne Cipperly for their pioneering work to control invasive plants. Anna Patterson, our new Development and Communications Director, gave a short but inspirational talk on the meaning and impact of philanthropy. 

The Monterey County covered the event, which ran on the front page of the Sunday, January 6 paper.


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Though colleagues call him “the General,” Jackson can come off like a regular guy. At his swearing-in, he joked, “I actually grew my hair out and got sideburns and a little mustache to settle people down that a Marine was coming in here.” how to buy soundcloud plays

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