Historic family reunion at Whalers Cabin. Oh... and dolphins too.

Today (June 20) at Whalers, a double treat.  Ted Asaki, grandson of Gennoske Kodani*, visited the Reserve for the first time in six years.  He grew up in Monterey and was a park aid during the summer in the 70s.  He now is pastor of a church in Irving, CA.  He was invited up to his old home church on El Estero to lead the memorial service for a nisei who recently died at age 90.  As we talked outside the Cabin, Eugenie Kodani came up and joined us; she and her husband were taking one of their usual Point Lobos hikes and didn’t expect to see Ted.  The other treat was to see two Risso's dolphins cruise around the cove all morning - the first time I had seen dolphins in Whalers Cove. 

* Founder and manager of the abalone diving operation, in partnership with A.M. Allan, at Point Lobos circa 1900 -- ed.


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