A boy scout's good deed

On a bird walk for docent trainees, Carrieanna Hess, a trainee who uses a wheelchair told a heartwarming story as we started up the ADA trail from the Bird Island parking lot.  In early April she had been starting up the same section of trail toward the restroom, moving slowly and working hard to roll in her manual wheelchair up the incline.  Some grandparents with their three grandchildren  were enjoying a picnic at a nearby table, when the 12-year-old, a Boy Scout from Livermore, came over to ask if he could help her.  She accepted with enthusiastic gratitude, and asked if he knew people in wheelchairs where he lived.  He said that he did not, and just thought she could use some help.  Carrieanna later found out that the young man had taken the initiative on his own without any suggestion from his grandparents. He also indicated that he hoped to be able to bring his Boy Scout troop to Point Lobos some day. Just shows that we have the finest visitors at Point Lobos.


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