Fewer Pelicans

The numbers of Brown Pelicans at Bird Island and nearby rock islands seem to be going down, although there are still humpback whales being seen offshore. Today the numbers were small enough that I could make a rough count, which was under 400 (on the mainland sides of the islands only.) Seeing so many fewer birds helped to put the greater (uncountable) number of birds last week and before in perspective, and there were way more than 1000 last week.

There were still plenty of pelicans flying up and down the coastline. In fact, there was a squadron of about 40 flying toward Bird Island as I walked back up the South Shore to my car -- but smaller groups going in both directions.

Last week's excursion also rewarded me with a Peregrine Falcon on the Bird Island ridge.


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I just read a report that there were tons of Pelicans in the Moss Landing area yesterday -- more than the observer had seen before. Maybe they borrowed some of "ours" on the day I saw the numbers down.

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