Great afternoon at Pelican Point

Once again, Pelican Point had a lot to offer this afternoon.  Now there are three chicks in the Black-Crowned Night Heron nest at the top of the big crack (to the right as you view from the platform.)  The protective parent was nice enough to step off the nest for a while and afford some good looks at the prehistoric little monsters.

The highlight of the visit was a little drama starring three otters near Bird Island -- first I saw a mom and her pup in the water, then another on a nearby rock.  Mom paddled over with pup on board, and then crawled up on the rock and encouaged Junior to join her.  The challenge was too much for the pup, and it was heard screaming.  Then mom decided to chase the other adult off the rock, got back in the water to offer more forceful encouragement, and then finally tried to lift the recalcitrant little bugger onto the rock!  But Junior would have none of it, slipped from her clutches, and swam away.  Mom learned who was boss and gave up too.

Add to that the wonderful aroma of Brandt's Cormorants nesting and a view of one Black Oysterster on nest and another possibly on a nest, and the visit was complete -- almost!

As I proceeded around the north side of the loop some Violet-Green Swallows lit on the trail cable and were nice enough to "set a spell" long enough to get a digiscope closeup.  Now how do you suppose how it got its name?


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