Otters, otters, and more otters

My public walk group, which consisted of one couple from Grass Valley and three trainee "shadows", had no idea what was in store for them when we set out on the Cypress Grove Trail on Friday.  It started slowly enough with two otters in Headland Cove; they were a bit difficult to see but good enough to avoid giving the visitors a full refund for the tour.  Then we saw a mom and pup and another individual not far from South Point, and a raft of about a dozen further out.  Next we saw three more otters motoring along near the Pinnacle.  Quite a few more (who's counting, by now?) were seen from North Point.  Then we got to the "Treasure Island" overlook into Cypress Cove, and yep, you guessed it, still more otters just beyond the mouth of the cove.  About 25 otters seen on one public walk -- a record?


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