Pelicans, pelicans, pelicans

There have been hundreds of Brown Pelicans on and around Bird Island for well over a week -- probably attracted by the same plentiful fish supply that has brought us several weeks of humpback whale sightings.  Meanwhile, birders along the Monterey Bay coastline have been reporting Blue-footed Boobies for a few weeks.  These birds are simply never seen this far north, and they too may be attracted by the small fish. Some local sightings have been in assocation with pelicas.   I scanned the groupings of pelicans carefully but did not see a booby

In a survey there last week, a visitor from California Fish and Game told me there have been reports of pelicans having a tough time of it in in the Santa Barbara Channel Island -- the usual nesting locale for the pelicans that visit Point Lobos -- due to a shortage of bait fish there.  What does this all mean, with respect to the likelihood that the pelicans will nest again at Point Lobos some 50+ years after they abandoned this nesting site?  It is certainly too soon to know, but we can hope that these magnificent birds will nest here again.   Hope to have good news for you next spring.


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