Rains return to Point Lobos

Point Lobos has been very parched throughout 2014 due to the lack of any significant rain early in the year.  But the rains have returned in abundance, and December has been one of the wetter months in the past several years.  The good news is that fire danger should be down and the onshore habitats will look a lot healthier in 2015.  And we anticipate an excellent wildflower season in the spring.

The not-so-good news is that the Reserve had to be closed several days due to the danger of falling trees and limbs and to clean up storm damage, and further closures may be necessary if the storms continue. Some trails may be closed at times and many trails will be very muddy for a few months -- some even impassable.  Wear sturdy/waterproof boots and be prepared to turn back on some of the inland trails.  If you must skirt the puddles, please avoid creating new trails.  Let's keep the Reserve's looking beautiful and preserve the habitat for plants and animals.


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