Docent gets schooled, and thoroughly enjoys it.

Every once in a while a docent has an experience that makes him even happier to be a docent.  Friday the 13th of March was just one of those days.  My monthly walk group included a charming young woman (3rd or 4th grader, with her parents) who blurted out "a rock!" as we approached the large granodiorite boulder in the Cypress Grove trail above Headland Cove.  She was clearly impressed by this rock.  I asked if she had studied geology at school and she replied that she had.  Testing time!  When asked the three major types of rock, she named all three (igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic), and also correctly identified the boulder as igneous and the nearby sedimentary rocks correctly as well.  Then it was her turn.  She asked me whether it was extrusive or intrusive igneous rock.  She immediately could tell by the dumb look on my face that I hadn't a clue what she was asking about.  She kindly explained that this classification depends upon whether the rock solidified underground (intrusive) or after it came to the surface (extrusive).  

Later in the walk I asked if she knew about photosynthesis. Time to turn the tables again!  She asked me if I knew the chemical formula for photosynthesis, then proceeded to rattle it off for me.  Never has an old coot been happier to be schooled by a young whippersnapper. (photo by Mia's mother)


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