Enjoying Winter at Point Lobos

Due to our Mediterranean climate, Point Lobos can still be enjoyed on most days during the winter, and there is a lot to see.  Some cautions are in order if you are planning to come from far away.  

Our pine forest is not healthy this year because of the extended drought, and trees may fall unpredictably.  For that and other reasons, State Parks management has adopted a policy of more resource protection and public safety this year.  The Reserve has already been closed in the fall due to high winds, heavy surf, or flooded trails which force visitors make their own detours.  Further closures are expected as El Nino brings more storms.  So if you are coming from a distance, it’s a good idea to check this website or the State Parks page on Point Lobos before you make the journey.

But winter often brings sparkling days with little wind, and always brings the gray whale parades past our shores.  Gray whales migrate south from Alaska in early winter to bear their young in Mexican waters, and then back home with their calves in late winter and early spring.  During the northern migration the mother whales stay close to shore to protect their youngsters from Orcas, and they can often be seen very close to Point Lobos rocks.

The rains we have already enjoyed have set the stage for another great wildflower season this year, and we are hoping the rains will continue throughout the winter and into spring.  Here are a few of our early wildflowers for you to look for this winter: Fremont star lily (often the first to emerge), Douglas iris, sticky monkey, California Poppy,and seaside painted cup.



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There are plenty to see at Point Lobos all year long, but in winter the landscape is more interesting than ever. Instead of snow, the landscape is full of colored flowers. However, those with different preferences would find the chesapeake bay sailing charter more appealing. Traveling is about diversity, so we should try a bit of everything and have a lot of fun in the process.

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Our hang around woodland is not helpful this year in sight of the augmented dry spell, and trees may drop strangely. For that and dissimilar reasons, State Parks management has embrace a plan, Essay Writing Service asset safety and open happiness this year.

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