Longest, greatest whale show we have ever seen

The humpback whales have been crazy for over a week.  They have been spotted close to the shore every day from several places in the Reserve and nearby Carmel River State Beach.  And they have been doing all the things that we homo sapiens love to watch -- blowing spouts close enough to hear from shore, showing tail flukes, breaching, tail slapping, lunge feeding, and one visitor even reported seeing -- and even hearing -- bubble netting.  (See video at pointlobos.org/nature/marine-mammals/whales-dolphins-and-porpoises/humpback-whales).  One visitor quipped "You have too many whales."

Here is what some docents have reported:

"I walked the Cypress Grove loop in search of whales and was richly rewarded.  I stood on a rock, and along with at least a dozen awed visitors, watched whales feeding directly below us.  We could hear their whale sounds -  snorts and blows -  and feel their spray, as we watched them surface and glide through the waves."  (Trudy Reeves)

"I was walking up Whalers Knoll the other day and heard a repeating "boom". I was wondering what it was (initially I thought it might be coming from distant construction, but realized the sound was too close). When I got to the overlook at the top of the Knoll, there was a whale "standing" vertically in water, with its tail out of the water repeatedly slapping the surface. It had been going on for at least 15 minutes."  (Tom Clifton)

"I was out yesterday with PLF donors and their friends from Switzerland taking in all the whales from Bird Island, then Whalers Cove, and finally Cypress Grove.  The breathing sounds were like cannons, the aroma was interesting, the breaching and lunging and flukes were endless. We spent four hours ooohhhing and aaaaahhhing at the sights."  (Chuck Bancroft)

Photos by Chuck Bancroft:


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Are there any other similar photos to this one? Where more of it can be actually seen - from a closer aspect?
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