Startling change in sea lion behavior

Fred Brown posted this observation on the docent website on January 24:

A magical day to be at Point Lobos

"Docent News" item by Ed Clifton:

Drones prohibited

Unmanned aircraft systems, also known as aerial drones or quadcopters, are prohibited in Point Lobos State Natural Reserve. They are disruptive to wildlife and visitors. Please leave your drone at home when visiting the Reserve.

Fish Bombed Visitor

I was scoping on the saddle point near the start of the descent to lower Sea Lion Pt.   Sea otters to the right, in Headland Cove; to the left, seals and sea lions with people immensely enjoying both views (two scopes next time, I was thinking).  Soon, a visitor climbing from below approached me.  In (approximately) his own words:

Mountain Lion seen in Point Lobos!

I was at the Information Station today with docent Jacolyn Harmer and the reserve was absolutely crazy! I had a visitor come to me and ask if I'd walk back on the Cypress Grove trail to identify a paw print she found in the mud on the trail. About five minutes into our trek, she showed me the puddle and the print. Sure enough, it was there, one big old paw print of a ... Mountain Lion!!!

Winter Solstice beauty GREAT and small

Enjoyed leading a tide pool public walk; took some photos of the sunset; walked to the car and met a visitor who had come from the other side of the bay to watch the sunset from her tailgate at Weston Beach for the winter solstice...then I realized that it wasn't "just" any sunset at Weston that I'd photographed, but the 2014 Weston Winter Solstice.  Also added a photo of bubbles on a feather that tickles me.

Rains return to Point Lobos

Point Lobos has been very parched throughout 2014 due to the lack of any significant rain early in the year.  But the rains have returned in abundance, and December has been one of the wetter months in the past several years.  The good news is that fire danger should be down and the onshore habitats will look a lot healthier in 2015.  And we anticipate an excellent wildflower season in the spring.

Musings on a gray, veiled morning and photos of a beautiful aftermath

A gray, veiled morning along the north shore. The trail, softened, bears the imprints of its passersby.

School walks were a blast this week

School walks were a blast this week..... The 4th graders were their usual chatty and inquisitive . One of the highlights was 'live streaming' ( a first for me) of our manly sea lions off Sea Lion Point ----- real-time views from a spotting scope shown on a tablet. it was a show stopper as the kiddos wandered up and peeked into the IPad .

One day we had three different scopes set up along the trail focusing on sea lions,sea otters and a group of follicking seal lions.

Monterey Peninsula Foundation Awards a $100,000 Grant to make Point Lobos Safer for Visitors

The "Lace Lichen Trail Expansion" project offers four major benefits: increased safety for both pedestrians and visitors in vehicles, an improved experience for hikers who are immediately introduced to a natural environment, an improved experience for drivers and an additional access point for people with limited mobility.