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Exciting Sightings

Over the past few months I seen things I never saw before.  Can you imagine!  With almost 31 years as a ranger at Point Lobos...each day brings something new.
I received an interesting email from Barabra of Lakewood Colorado.  I just had to post this for our friends to see. How extraordinary!  Here are Barabra's words and the photos.
One of the first human visitors of the day, I was walking alone on the forested loop path when I came upon a small bird on the ground. We looked at each other rather intently for several seconds and then he flew up to my head and started pecking at my scalp. I was delighted, though startled.   I believe he was looking for nesting material.  
 Another tourist captured him on her camera, as you can see by the twophotos below. If her husband hadn't been fearful for me and shooed him away, I think the little guy might have continued for some time.
The docent I talked to upon my return said he'd never heard of a similar occurrence. Thus, I thought you might be interested. Also, I'm curious what kind of bird he is and if you thought he had the same goal that I thought he did.
My hair stylist was much amused by the photos. I admit that I don't do much with my hair and to some it might be construed as ideal nesting material.
Thanks for your insight,
Barbara Millman
Lakewood, Colorado
I was able to talk with several birders from our area and all agreed...a Pine siskin.  Thank you Barbara for sharing your wonderful story.

Big Sur Marathon

Big Sur MarathonMay 1st, 2001.  This was the 26th year in a row that I have been at Highway 1 and the entrance road to Point Lobos for the marathon.  My duties?  Cheer people on, say hi to friends runnning the race, directing runners to the proper course (or the scenic detour through the Reserve to see the wildflowers in bloom and the haror seals with pups). And of course, take photographs.

This year with the road closed...all the runners and walkers ; 26.2 miles, or 21 miles, or the 10K;  all came throught the Reserve.  Point Lobos docents were stationed throughout the Reserve to assist the runners with directions, etc. 

Kites and Kestrels

As you approach the Reserve from the north watch the Hudson Meadows closely.  The White-tailed kites and American ketrels are back!  The low lying pine trees are the staging areas for these magnificent birds looking for lunch.

Eye of the Storm

from the desk of Ranger Chuck

Winter storms bring much needed rain.  But does it have to happen all at once?  Last night the thunder at 1:26 in the am was like surround-sound.  The volume much to high.  The whole house shook.  But inbetween waves and waves of showers comes the calm: the eye of the storm when we can relax before the next wave hits. 

Ozzy the Osprey

Chuck Bancroft, State Park Ranger

On Saturday afternoon November 11th, I was walking the Carmelo Meadow Trail.  Yes, I walk trails even on my days off.  Camera in hand, I was looking for Ozzy the Osprey.  First seen by Lifeguard Kevin Brady two years ago this coming January, Ozzy has been a regular at the Reserve and over at the restoration area at Odello West, part of Carmel River State Beach.  I can just hear Ozzy thinking.

"Let's see, steelhead or rock fish.  What would I like for lunch today."