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The legacy of Sister Anna Voss

by Vicki Odello:

"This is Something Special": Release of Two Sea Lions at Weston Beach

by Mary Conway

On October 27 I was on the northern flat table-like rocks of Weston Beach for the LiMPETS citizen science transect study when the Marine Mammal Rescue Group released two Sea Lions who were ready to go back to their natural environment.  

Video: Enjoy the natural sounds of the sea lions and the sea with background voices of two docents captivated by the wonder of the sea lion release.


Otter Mom communicates with admiring humans

November 2, Robert Grace

A "pacific" morning at Sea Lion Point

Morning at Sea Lion Cove, with the ocean as silently pacific as it can be only in summer. Smooth from shore to horizon. At vision's edge, sooty shearwaters stream northwards. A bit closer in, amidst the outer kelp beds, otters groom, spin slowly, doze.

Delightful springtime sightings: fawns and humpback whales

June 5, Mary Conway

Visitors reported to me both on Monday and this Friday afternoon of 2-3 fawns at the Pinnacle Point end of Cypress Grove trail AND both afternoons also reported gleefully that whales were breaching off of North Point. 2 times in one week might mean good odds to see them some more in the next few days.

A magical day to be at Point Lobos

"Docent News" item by Ed Clifton:

Winter Solstice beauty GREAT and small

Enjoyed leading a tide pool public walk; took some photos of the sunset; walked to the car and met a visitor who had come from the other side of the bay to watch the sunset from her tailgate at Weston Beach for the winter solstice...then I realized that it wasn't "just" any sunset at Weston that I'd photographed, but the 2014 Weston Winter Solstice.  Also added a photo of bubbles on a feather that tickles me.

Musings on a gray, veiled morning and photos of a beautiful aftermath

A gray, veiled morning along the north shore. The trail, softened, bears the imprints of its passersby.

School walks were a blast this week

School walks were a blast this week..... The 4th graders were their usual chatty and inquisitive . One of the highlights was 'live streaming' ( a first for me) of our manly sea lions off Sea Lion Point ----- real-time views from a spotting scope shown on a tablet. it was a show stopper as the kiddos wandered up and peeked into the IPad .

One day we had three different scopes set up along the trail focusing on sea lions,sea otters and a group of follicking seal lions.