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Swarming sea lions!

A frenzy of sea lions, pelicans, gulls and whales cornered a large school of anchovies in Sea Lion Cove today and pretty much had their collective way with them.  As previously reported, this was quite a show for everyone who stopped by the bluff above to see five or six humpbacks transversing just outside the cove while the free-for-all went on right below.  Quick video:  

Poem for the twin otters born 2/26/15

A note from otter 696 to his sister

We’re twins you and I
born only yesterday, 
you were first, and I was second

we were to share the open ocean
and cuddle with our mother,
but fate would call a different tune
and placed me in the care of others

my life is one of interventions
yours, the adventures of the unforgiving sea

someday when our paths may cross
you’ll tell me of things I only dreamed could be

A Whale of a Show

Yep, as Stan related (in his posting on the docent website), there was a (humpback whale) show all day Sunday in Carmel Bay.  Photos below were taken from Carmel Point, (take a look at that guy in the kayak in the second photo), and if you want more, see the short video here:    ➥ WHALES

Bird Island Reality Show

I spent a few hours at the Pelican Point overlook on the 4th of July watching the entertaining reality show taking place across on the islands and sharing observations with the many visitors.  A glimpse of what we watched is recorded in the link below, showing hungry Gulls, Cormorants, and a lonely Night-heron with some unsolicted visitor narrative as well. 


Bird Island ADA Trail Experience

 The newly revamped Bird Island Trail is proving to be used by physically challenged visitors as an inspiration for following nature.  In the blog below is an account of one such venturesome group who took full advantage of the wonders the trail has to offer.   They have put into words what we had hoped to accomplish with this ADA compatible trail. (Images by RJM)  Click on Bird Island Trail to go   BIRD ISLAND TRAIL


  After nearly two years of construction and renovation, our exceptional Bird Island Trail is open to the public once more.  The trail had become difficult to walk due to erosion and was originally built with many steps.  The California State Parks with the help of the California Conservation Corps rebuilt the trail to meet Americans With Disabilities (ADA) standards and is now easily navigated by all who visit the Reserve.

The workmanship is truly a marvel when you consider that the CCC trail crews were not using heavy machinery and relied upon hand tools, wheelbarrows, and their own strength to excavate over 12,000 cu ft of soil and 2,000 cu ft of rock.  With the help of Statewide Trails (DPR) and the Monterey District Trail crew, they used dry-stone masonry techniques to build a breathtaking overlook at Pelican Point and a redwood decked bridge to transverse the Gibson Beach cliffside.

Spider Walk

Ballooning, turrets made of leaves and pine needles, double hammocks hung on trees and walking sideways like a crab -- just some of the fascinating attributes of our Point Lobos spider population that a dozen docents learned about during a "spider walk" with RJ Adams.

Some were shy to come out of their cozy tunnels while others hung upside down in plain sight while we craned our necks to see their acrobatic activities.

A hike through the Reserve is refreshing and always beautiful.  A slower paced watchful stroll can be more rewarding when you discover the multitude of diverse living things all interacting with each other -- right under your feet or over your head.