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From the Students of Boronda Meadows

There are no words to describe how awesome their trip was yesterday and how informative and great the docents.  I was blown away at the wonders of Point Lobos and the information that was provided to our students.  You could see the pure joy of wanting to learn not only in the students but in the adults as well.  The docents were really patient with our students.  They just did a wonderful job.  

This field trip was a highlight of their school year and thanks to you and the docents you made it a very memorable one.  The students could not stop talking about what they saw.  Some of the groups used the Scavenger Hunt provided on the Point Lobos Website to help them out and they were "all over it" trying to answer the questions from the Docents.

Also I would like to give praise to Paula and Duffy for coming out to our school and talking to our kids.  The students retained the information and were able to answer questions as well during the walk.  This Field trip I would call a true blessing.  I have told all the teachers at my school about it and to apply for it.  They will not be disappointed at all. 

I just wanted to say Thank you and please pass on a Huge Thank You to the docents, from the Students of Boronda Meadows for providing this wonderful trip.  


Point Lobos Foundation Annual Meeting

The annual meeting of the Point Lobos Foundation will be held on, Saturday, January 21st in Asilomar Chapel (800 Asilomar Boulevard, Pacific Grove, CA). There will be time for a social at 9:00AM with the meeting to start at 10:00 AM.  All members of the Association are invited and encouraged to attend. Click to download an Asilomar grounds map. After a short business meeting we will introduce our speaker, Mark Shelley and Katie Pofahl Sea Studios

The Making of a Movie
 “A storm grows, a sea otter pup is separated from her mother, and a young woman bound for adventure blows in to town. On a wild and windswept beach these lives collide and an entire species’ survival gets personal.”

This is the story line of a new film Produced by the Sea Studios Foundation. Mark Shelley, Executive Director of Sea Studios Foundation and Katie Pofahl, the human heroine of the movie, will describe how this film came into being and the creative and interpretive processes that attended its completion. We will get a unique insight into the technical challenges that attend filming a story in which many of the key actors are untrained wild animals.

Mark Shelley, Executive Director of the Sea Studios Foundation, graduated from Stanford University in 1972 with honors in Biology and conducted research at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution for two years. Prior to beginning his film career, Mark was Program Director of Oceanics School, which ran academic programs on traditional square-­‐rigged sailing ships. While freelancing in New York City, Mark had the opportunity to work on his first National Geographic Specials, which launched his filmmaking career. As a National Geographic filmmaker and Senior Series Producer Mark has been part of numerous award-­‐winning exhibit and television programs. He is internationally recognized for his underwater filmmaking skills and has developed deep sea imaging systems for (amongst others) National Geographic Television and Film and the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute. Mark is an expert diver, submersible pilot, an airplane pilot with an instrument rating, and an aspiring sustainable farmer. He, his wife Elizabeth and daughter Lucy live a rural life with horses, chickens, cats, and a dog.

Katie Pofahl is zoology major who worked for the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch Program before joining Sea Studios Foundation. Although without prior acting experience, she is an accomplished surfer, diver and kayaker who brought her love of the ocean to the role.

Help Preserve our Historic Whalers Cabin

More than 150 years ago Portuguese whalers from the Azore Islands arrived at Point Lobos and set up living quarters in the meadow at the southeast end of Whalers Cove. The whalers and their families made up a small community of 50-60 people.
The Whaling Station Museum at Whalers Cove is the only on-site whaling museum on the west coast and was added in 2007 to the National Register of Historic Places. It documents the historic whaling activities at Point Lobos with displays of historic whaling equipment and exhibit panels describing the lives of the whalers and their families.
Today, new challenges face those of us who value Point Lobos State Natural Reserve. These challenges will impact State Parks with a massive decrease in State funding, a theme that will continue for many years to come.
The Point Lobos Foundation has recently embarked on a $40,000 project to restore the worn and weathered roof at the Whaling Station Museum in order to prevent long term damage to the Museum and its collection. Ultimately, this project will have a positive impact on our community and on those who visit the Museum.
With YOUR help, we can preserve the historical importance of The Whaling Station Museum for future generations to enjoy.
Please consider making a gift to The Point Lobos Foundation Whalers Cabin Fund.
As we enjoy the magnificence of Point Lobos State Reserve today, may we all share the responsibility of protecting and preserving these lands and waters for the enjoyment of future generations! Click here to make a donation.


Interested in becoming a Point Lobos Docent

Interested in becoming

 a Point Lobos Docent

If you enjoy sharing your love of nature with people from all corners of the globe…

If you love learning natural and cultural history…

If you enjoy spending time in the company of others who share your interests…

You might want to learn about the opportunity to join the

2012 Docent Class at Point Lobos State Natural Reserve

Information meetings will be held:

Saturday, November 19, 1:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m.

For details, please contact Melissa Gobell, Docent Program Coordinator at:

831 625-1470



Sister Anna Voss Memorial Fund

The Point Lobos Foundation would like to announce the formation of the Sister Anna Voss Memorial Fund.

Sister Anna Voss was the first Director of Docent Training at Point Lobos.  She established that training in 1972.  She was also instrumental in establishing the Guide Training at the Aquarium  (born Aug. 10, 1907)

Sister Anna developed many of he materials that are still in use today at Point Lobos.  She photographed nearly every plant type and formation to illustrate her training lectures.  In 1992 she received a commendation from the State Park System for her outstanding service and contribution.  In founding the Point Lobos Docent Program, she created the framework for one of the largest docent programs in the California State Parks.

Use of donations made to the Sister Anna Voss Memorial Fund, and the income generated by it, is restricted do the following purposes:

  1. Point Lobos Docent Group education and direct support.
  2. School education outreach programs relating to Point Lobos State Natural Reserve.

Click to donate to the Sister Anna Voss Fund, the docent program and School education outreach programs at Point Lobos State Natural Reserve.

Moonlight Walk 2011

Point Lobos Foundation Invites you to Moonlight Walk 2011

This event is free for current members of the Point Lobos Foundation. Join us for an exclusive guided tour of the new and upcoming Bird Island Trail led by the head of State Parks trail crew. There will be food, door prizes and new events. We look forward to seeing you on: Saturday, September 10th, 2011 from 5:00-9:00PM at Bird Island Trail. Please register on-line at Moonlight Walk 2011  Complete all sections. You will receive an email confirmation of completed registration or contact Lisa Cook, Development Director at or 1-866-338-7227 ext 101

Point Lobos and State Park Closures

By now most everybody knows that California State Parks has announced the names of the 70 state parks that will be closed to help make the $32,000,000 in budget cuts ordered over the next two years.  It has been decreed that the 70 parks will closed by July 1, 2012.  The parks slated for closure will begin ramping up for closure by September 1st. Fortunately for lovers of Point Lobos State Reserve, our favorite park is not on the list.  However three other parks in the Monterey District of State Parks are on the closure list.  They are Garrapata State Park, Moss Landing State Beach and Zmudowski State Beach.

For the Point Lobos State Reserve this means that although it will remain open, there will be additional financial pressures to maintain operation and maintenance standards in the park.

Point Lobos to Partner with Big Sur International Marathon

As you may have heard the fifty foot section of Highway 1 that collapsed on March 16th has necessitated the creation of an alternate "out and back" course for the Big Sur Marathon on Sunday, May 1st. The new course will begin just before the Carmel River Bridge (just south of Rio Road) and head south on Highway 1. The turnaround will be in the vicinity of Rocky Creek Bridge. On the return trip the marathoners will take an approximate 1.7 mile detour through Point Lobos before returning to Highway 1. California State Parks and the Point Lobos Foundation is happy to partner with the Big Sur Marathon to permit the use of the park for this important event. Volunteer docents will be spread out along the paved road inside the park helping to direct runners, keeping them on the road and helping pick up trash. During the marathon Hwy 1 will be closed to vehicle traffic south of Rio Road. This will prevent vehicle traffic from entering Point Lobos until the road reopens at approximately 1:00 PM. Foot traffic will still be allowed into the reserve during the road closure. For more information on the Big Sur International Marathon and course

Earth Day Celebration

Earth Day at Point Lobos for the Entire Weekend:

All walk information written and submitted by: Carol Marquart, Point Lobos Docent.

Enjoy the sights, smells and sounds of Point Lobos on Earth Day weekend, Friday, April 22 - Sunday, April 24. In honor of Earth Day, we have scheduled some unique, docent led walks in the Reserve.

Friday, April 22, 11:00 AM. Information Station:
Join Sharon as we explore Ohlone people who lived and honored Mother Earth. We will learn about the uses of plants and animals and understand how the native people reserved the natural resources they depended on.

Saturday, April 23, 9:00 AM., Weston Beach:
Venture into tidepools at low tide and enjoy colorful creatures that live underwater. We will look for limpets, green anemones, bat stars and hermit crabs. Knee-high boots helpful but not necessary.

Saturday, April 23, 11:00 AM., Whaler's Cove parking lot: Geology Walk: What is plate tectonics and how does it relate to earthquakes? Ed will introduce you to a rock that is 100 million years old.

Kip Evans to Speak at Annual Membership Meeting to be held at Asilomar Merrill Hall

The annual meeting of the Point Lobos Foundation will be held on, Saturday, January 15th in Asilomar Merrill Hall (800 Asilomar Boulevard, Pacific Grove, CA). There will be time for a social at 9:00AM with the meeting to start at 9:30 AM.  All members of the Association are invited and encouraged to attend. Click to download an Asilomar grounds map. After a short business meeting we will introduce our speaker, award winning photographer, Kip Evans of Mountain and Sea Photography and Kip Evans Photography.

Title: Creating International Passion for Marine Protected Areas by Kip Evans is a professional photographer and underwater explorer.