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Baby Updates at the Reserve

Well, today was an update for our otter 696"b"; (as Dave Evans has so aptly named our pup); and a new little addition at the Pelican Point platform lookout! You will find the little bunny near the lookout often, if all is quiet! And as for our otter twin, it's almost a given that between 1-3PM she brings her pup to show off to visitors right by the road at Whalers Cove, just up from the rescue boat sheds. She likes the kelp near the road, where she anchors, sleeps and then nurtures her little one.  ( I think she is showing it off to visitors).

Otter twins!!!

Visitors alerted us to the birth of twin otter  pups on February 26! Mom was straining to handle the two pups and we could see that she was overtaxed! A diver's boat was coming in after a dive and caused her to panic and she grabbed one pup, leaving the other on a rock where she had hauled out to care for her two new little ones! The one that was left to fend for himself fell off the rock and into the crevisses and was being beaten by the incoming high tide!

Mountain Lion seen in Point Lobos!

I was at the Information Station today with docent Jacolyn Harmer and the reserve was absolutely crazy! I had a visitor come to me and ask if I'd walk back on the Cypress Grove trail to identify a paw print she found in the mud on the trail. About five minutes into our trek, she showed me the puddle and the print. Sure enough, it was there, one big old paw print of a ... Mountain Lion!!!

Humpbacks, back for another big show.

I got out to Point Lobos early given today's perfect weather, to scope at Sea Lion Point. Three pods of Humpbacks were visible ALL DAY...FROM 9AM-3PM.  Non-stop feeding, breaching, flukes galore, and people just going nuts! Oh, the large raft of otters were out there too, but with the whales so close I could actually scope them, I told visitors that this wasn't normal, and for me, it really was like shooting fish is a barrel, Thank goodness they were big "fish" to aim the scope at!