scuba diving

Harbor seal trying to "taste" camera, light and me! 10-15-12

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We had a harbor seal diving and playing with us for half the dive. She even tried to put her mouth around my camera and my dive buddies, plus she also tried to "taste" the top of my head! She was way too friendly and in our face a lot. Also look for great shots of the kelp forest, plus striped surf perch, rose anemones, rock fish, and the other abundant life forms of the sea. Watch for the harbor seal through out the video. We dove to 67 feet for 53 minutes. Temp. was 52 degrees.

The Underwater Wildlife of Big Sur

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This is short underwater documentary of underwater creatures at Lobos Rocks off of Big Sur and at the Point Lobos State Reserve. The wildlife featured include sea lions, harbor seals, sea otters, giant jellies, rock fish, and a variety of smaller animals such as sun stars, nudibranchs, and strawberry anenomes. Musical accompaniment (Vivaldi's "Four Seasons") courtesy of Chris Worthy Productions.