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Zip line proposed for Point Lobos Ranch Property
Monterey County Herald | July 31, 2015


State Parks floats ziplines, a visitor center and more parking for its Carmel-area properties.
Monterey County Weekly | July 30, 2015


Officials unveil big proposals for local state parks, but are they too big?
Carmel Pine Cone | July 24, 2015


Unique collaboration monitors black oystercatchers on local rocky shores
Monterey County Weekly | June 18, 2015


Go take a hike
Salinas Californian | April 10, 2015


Best Park (2015)
Monterey County Herald | April 2, 2015


Letters: State parks take on hurdles
Editorial | Monterey County Herald | January 31, 2015


California Parks in Big Trouble
Monterey County Herald | January 29, 2015


Wonders of the Central Coast: Point Lobos State Reserve
KION News Channel 5 | August 15, 2014


Point Lobos, long ADA-accessible, gets its first wheelchair-bound docent
Carmel Pinecone | June 6, 2014


Uncovering the Underwater World at Point Lobos
KAZU | May 23, 2014


The Crown Jewel of California's Coast Inspires Poets, Painters, and Everyday Visitors
Via Magazine | May/June 2014 issue


One-of A Kind 3D Model and Dive Map Created for Point Lobos State Park Dive Community 
California Diver | May 5, 2014


Pt. Lobos' undersea world revealed
Carmel Pinecone | May 2, 2104


A New Way to Explore Our Ocean, Minus the Wetsuit
Press Release | April 30, 2014


With a new multi-agency agreement and a trickle of funding, trail engineers get to work on new routes.
Monterey County Weekly | April 18, 2014


Carmel parks: Groups to collaborate on project
The Herald, Monterey County | April 9, 2014 


Massive parks connectivity plan to create trails network from Carmel to Big Sur announced
Monterey County Weekly | April 9, 2014


Announcing the Lobos Corona Parklands Project
Press Release | Map | Memorandum of Understanding | Vision Document | Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Spectacular coastline at Point Lobos Reserve
SF Chronicle | March 29, 2014


Get a glimpse beneath the waves at Point Lobos as the Central Coast celebrates our Underwater Parks
Press Release | Tuesday, January 12, 2014


KSBW Action News Coverage of First Day Hike at Point Lobos
KSBW Action News 8 | January 1, 2014


Point Lobos Encourages Hiking
Salinas Californian | December 31, 2013


Point Lobos celebrates the 150th anniversary of California State Parks on New Years' Day
Press Release | December 30, 2013


Carmel Pine Cone readers vote Point Lobos their Favorite Park and Best Trail
Carmel Pine Cone | 2013 Golden Pine Cone Awards


Point Lobos' natural beauty belies industrial past
San Francisco Chronicle | Sunday, September 15, 2013


Celebration of Life Honors Kurt Loesch, "Father" of Point Lobos State Reserve's Whalers Cabin Museum
Press Release | September 10, 2013


Program brings pupils to Point Lobos State Natural Reserve
Monterey Bay News & Views | Thursday, January 24, 2013


Underwater Parks Day celebrates Marine Protected Areas
The Herald, Monterey County | Printed Edition | Sunday, January 20, 2013


"Hot Pick" Underwater Parks Day
Monterey County Weekly | Printed Edition | January 17-23, 2013


Underwater Parks Day Gives Visitors a Peek Beneath the Waves
Monterey County Weekly | Animal Blog | January 15, 2013


Underwater Parks Day
Press Release | January 10, 2013


State Parks Chief vows no new closures in Monterey Peninsula appearance
The Herald, Monterey County | Printed Edition | Sunday, January 5, 2013


New Director of California State Parks is Keynote Speaker at Point Lobos Foundation Annual Meeting
Press Release | January 2, 2013


Kristin Leal, The Great Outdoors: Five Fall adventures
The Herald, Monterey County | November 2, 2010


Event celebrates Indians' way of life
The Herald, Monterey County | October 10, 2010


The Wonders of Point Lobos A natural reserve of unparalleled grandeur
The Herald, Monterey County | August 4, 2009