Printable Brochures

Printable brochures about the features at Point Lobos

Welcome to Point Lobos: A general overview of Point Lobos animals, plants, and rules.  This brochure is also printed in other languages (see below.)

Observation Checklist: A checklist of plants and animals that children can use for a “treasure hunt”

Whalers Cabin: A brief cultural history of Point Lobos, which you can learn more about by visiting our Whalers Cabin and Whaling Station museums

South Plateau Trail Guide: A guide to numbered posts along the trail, giving the names of the plants seen at each location.  Note: this guide is currently out-of-date

Cypress Grove Trail: A handy guide to the Cypress Grove Trail, telling what may be seen at ten stops along the trail.

Tide Pools: A full-color brochure about life in the intertidal zones at Weston Beach, and handy tips on how to explore tide pools safely and without harming the intertidal species.

Sea Otter: Fascinating facts about this charismatic Point Lobos resident species.

Whales: Useful information about the whales commonly spotted off Point Lobos, with tips on when and where to see them.

Indian Uses of Plants: Describes how the Rumsen Ohlone people made use of the plants that grow at Point Lobos for food, health care, hunting, tools, and dyes.

The Rocks of Point Lobos State Reserve:  Describes the two kinds of bedrock that create the beautiful Point Lobos coastline, and unusual rock features including trace fossils and concretions.

Birds of Point Lobos: A photo guide to the birds you can see at Point Lobos. (Prints better on legal-size paper, then tri-fold.)

Scuba Diving: A brief overview of scuba diving at Point Lobos.  (More complete information can be found in the dive section of this site)

Don't Feed the Animals: A California State Parks brochure giving the reasons why you should not feed the wild animals.

Mountain Lion: A California State Parks brochure on how to avoid danger when visiting mountain lion country.  Note that mountain lions are rarely seen at Point Lobos.

Welcome brochures (also printable) with interesting facts about Point Lobos, in many languages:

Arabic/(al arabiya) العربية
Russian/Русский язык
Vietnamese/tiếng việt (㗂越)