Where to Get Help

This website provides a wealth of information about Point Lobos, its animals, plants, sea life, geology, history, and trails.  But when you are at the Reserve, it is easier to just ask someone.

Park Aides

The first face you see when you enter Point Lobos is likely to be that of the Park Aide in the entry kiosk.  He or she will receive your entry fee if you are driving, sell you a map which includes an informative guide to the Reserve, and gladly answer questions about where you can go to see what you want to see.  You can also ask about any free public walks being offered during the day.  If the entrance line behind you is long, we ask that you keep your conversation with the Park Aide short, and save your questions for a Docent.  This will speed up the entrance line for others.

At busy times, you may also encounter a Docent near the entry kiosk to help you find your way.


We also have about 175 Docents who volunteer their time at Point Lobos to help you know where to find what you are looking for and to help you better understand what you are seeing or hearing.  Our docents are very friendly and well-trained to answer your questions.  They can vary in experience from the newly-trained to the veterans of over 30 years.  If they don’t know an answer they can take your contact information and try to get an answer to you.

You can find a Docent at the Information Station or at Whalers Cabin from 9 AM to 5 PM on most days.  You might also meet them on a trail or along the shore with a spotting scope.  Look for someone in a green jacket/vest with a Docent badge.  If you do see one with a scope, be sure to stop, because the scope is there to give you an up-close view of a fascinating animal.  At the Information Station, they can also loan you a set of binoculars if you left yours at home or in the hotel room – a set of car keys will assure that we get the binoculars back.

Although their primary goal is to help you make the most of your Point Lobos visit, Docents also sell educational merchandise at the Information Station and may remind visitors of the rules that they see are not being followed.  This will help to preserve Point Lobos for visitors for the years to come – perhaps including your return visit.


All Rangers and Lifeguards are peace officers who can deal with rules violations or with unruly visitors.  You can report problems to a Docent or to the Park Aide at the entry kiosk at 831-624-4909.

Emergency Help

For help with a medical emergency, a fire, or anyone who is threatening your safety, call 911.  Help will arrive within a few minutes.  Docents can provide you with adhesive bandages, but are not allowed to administer other medical assistance.

If you see a sick or injured animal and want to know what to do, see Caring for Wild Animals in Distress.  In most cases, the only dead animals you need to report are sea otters -- contact SORAC as indicated on the same page.