Dive Areas

In 2010, a group of divers, along with the California State University at Monterey Bay (CSUMB) sought to gather data from the Point Lobos State Marine Reserve area, designated for diving. Using the newest technologies available, a unique 3D model and map were created by Gary Banta and unveiled on May 10, 2014 at Whaler’s Cove. Offering unprecedented levels of accuracy and detail, the model and map allow divers a way to picture the underwater topography, so they can navigate their way to points of interest.

We invite you to view the permanent museum-quality model and interpretive sign located at the Whaler’s Cove parking lot. Visit the Bay Area Underwater Explorers (BAUE) website for topo maps and photographs of the dive areas referenced in the 3D model and accompanying map. 

  Bluefish Cove
  Cannery Point  
  Cannery Point Pinnacles
  Cannery Point Wall
  Coal Chute Cove  
  Granite Point Pinnacles
  Granite Point Wall
  Great Pinnacle 
  Marcos Pinnacle 
  Whaler's Middle Reef




Left to right: Greg Palermo, State Parks; Mike Donovan, Central Concrete; and Gary Banta, BAUE diver and model creator, celebrating the successful installation of the Point Lobos State Marine Reserve 3D model -- weighing over 800 pounds!