Breathtaking Beauty

Nature lovers from around the world flock to Point Lobos to take in its legendary beauty. From ocean vistas to the massive rocky outcroppings, to its crashing waves, to the scenic trails and majestic trees, and to the tiniest wildflower, it is the beauty of Point Lobos that attracts people and keeps them coming back. Enjoy these remarkable photographs, then come see for yourself. But please help keep it beautiful by doing your part to preserve the reserve

Ocean Vistas 

Ocean views have long been prized throughout the world, and they are available along over two miles of Point Lobos coastline. The beautiful Pacific Ocean, in all its moods, has a way of drawing our attention and holding it.


Rocky Shores

Created over millions of years of geologic upheaval, Point Lobos is first and foremost a rocky shoreline. You can learn more about how this beauty was formed in geology.



Crashing Waves

This rocky shoreline is nearly constantly under attack from the relentless waves of the Pacific Ocean. The water near the shore is churned to a variety of hues by the waves, enhancing the look of the rocks like a frame on a painting. Video.

Scenic Trails

The margin of the land is strung with scenic trails that allow visitors to see the ocean shore from a variety of perspectives. Or you can walk through the pine forest or cypress grove and get a more distant sense of the ocean.


Majestic Trees

From Monterey pines to all shapes and sizes of Monterey cypress trees – one of only two natural stands of these trees remaining on earth- Point Lobos has spectacular trees. When sunset highlights the green algae in the Cypress Grove, the effect is magical.



If you can plan your visit for the spring time, you are in for a special treat when Point Lobos comes alive with the blooms of Douglas Iris, Ceanothus (aka “wild lilac”), California Poppies, and dozens of other wildflowers.