After nearly two years of construction and renovation, our exceptional Bird Island Trail is open to the public once more.  The trail had become difficult to walk due to erosion and was originally built with many steps.  The California State Parks with the help of the California Conservation Corps rebuilt the trail to meet Americans With Disabilities (ADA) standards and is now easily navigated by all who visit the Reserve.

The workmanship is truly a marvel when you consider that the CCC trail crews were not using heavy machinery and relied upon hand tools, wheelbarrows, and their own strength to excavate over 12,000 cu ft of soil and 2,000 cu ft of rock.  With the help of Statewide Trails (DPR) and the Monterey District Trail crew, they used dry-stone masonry techniques to build a breathtaking overlook at Pelican Point and a redwood decked bridge to transverse the Gibson Beach cliffside.

   The total trail length is 4,400 feet round trip from the Bird Island Parking area, around the Pelican Point loop and back (about eight tenths of a mile).  Some of the most memorable sights of Point Lobos are on this trail, including China Cove with its translucent blue-green water and white sandy beach, abundant wildflowers and Bird Island which provides for a close-hand look during the spring and early summer, of nesting Cormorants, Black-crowned Night Herons and Western Gulls.  In the many caves and inlets of the surrounding small islands you'll find Harbor Seals and the Southern Sea Otters frolicking in the pristine cool waters below.

  At the trail head you'll find one of the Reserve's three picnic table areas, a restroom (ADA compliant), and an interpretive sign with information about the Marine Protected Area surrounding Point Lobos State Natural Reserve.  It's time to come out and enjoy this natural treasure.


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