Thanks to all of our talented docents and community supporters for their generous contributions of photos they have taken at the Reserve! We acknowledge their talents and commitment to preserving and protecting our amazing natural resources. Vermilion flycatcher (photo above), Yvonne Wright.

Jennifer Alexander
Moss Cove Trail

Chuck Bancroft
Wilsons warbler on South Bank trail

Lauren Banner
Spring flowers

Janet Beaty
Reflective bench on South Plateau trail
Forest beauty
Point Lobos State Natural Reserve forest
Whales breaching in the waters
Weston Beach

Trisha Bennett Mayer
Black Oyster Catchers

Don Blohowiak
North Shore trail

Sea Lion Point trail
Sea Lion Trail viewing platform

Lyle Brumfield
Sea star

Fred Brown
Sunset on South Shore trail
Pine Ridge trail
Bird Island bridge
Whalers Cove
Sea lions

Lorna Claerbout
Cliffside flowers

Mary Conway

Joseph Cotham
Bird Island 

Sara Courtneidge
Douglas Iris
Southern sea otter and pup

John Drum
Blacktail fawn
Old Veteran from Cypress Cove
Mom and pup seal

Stan Dryden
Point Lobos State Natural Reserve trees

Susan DuCoeur
Bird on Bird Island

Vicky Duke
Lizard on Lace Lichen trail

Fernando Elizondo
Dolphin jumping
School kids see whales
Sharing at MINT school walk

Manny Espinoza
Point Lobos State Natural Reserve ocean view
Ocean view at sunset
Ghost water
Monastery view
China Cove seals
Whalers Cove
Pinnacle Point

Dave Evans
Old Veteran cypress

Peter Fletcher
Bobcat on Mound Meadow trail
Lizard tail flowers on Granite Point trail

Kim Forsberg
Dune buckwheat

Donita Grace
Foggy day on Cypress Grove trail

Robert Grace
Sea otter in the waters
Point Lobos State Natural Reserve Docents

Jac Harmer
Harbor seal
Humpback whale tail seen at Point Lobos

Jeff Johnson
Old Veteran cypress tree

Sally Johnson

Roger Knacke
Sea otter

Don Koch
Lace lichen strands on Whalers Knoll trail
Black tail deer buck on Carmelo Meadow trail

Susan Lambert
Nesting-black crowned night herons

Jerry Loomis
Redtail hawk

Chris Long
Scarlet pimpernel

Maureen Mason
Low-tide on Weston Beach
PLF Docents monitoring black oystercatchers

Don McDougall
Sea lions 

Carol Mikkelsen
Pine tree

Diana Nichols
Harbor seals in the waters of Point Lobos

Castel Ortiz
Sun rising on Bird Island trail
Morning on Granite Point trail

Rick Parsons
China Cove

Jeri Passalaqua
Weston Beach tide pool

Celie Placzek
Kelp in Point Lobos

Paul Reps
Rosie the harbor seal
Beloved PLF Docent Judd Perry assists a visitor

Dennis Rizzi

Suzanne Schmidt
First poppies on Moss Cove trail

Marty Sloop
Humpback jumping in the waters off 

Jan Stewart
Rainbow over Whalers Cove

Karen Wagner
Witch teeth

Randy Warren
California poppies

Scott Whitman
Geology formation
PLF Docent helps family

Susan Wright
North Shore trail