Tyler Eberly is a student and volunteer with extensive volunteer experience throughout the U.S. and internationally. He has served many organizations, including the Ronald Mcdonald House, Habitat for Humanity, North Druid Hills Homeless Shelter and the YMCA. Tyler has served on the Central Coast YMCA Board of Directors since 2020, leading a successful fundraising campaign as the campaign chair. Tyler has assisted the YMCA’s community support efforts to make a deeper impact in local communities.

Tyler has had leadership experience in retail and has worked in retail for several years. He is also a student, pursuing his Bachelor’s degree in Accounting at California State University-Monterey Bay. After graduation, Tyler will sit for the CPA exam to become a California Certified Public Accountant.

Tyler values kindness and generosity. “Kindness is free”, and he recognizes the immense impact a small act of kindness can have. He loves all living things and has a special appreciation for any kind of life in this world. Tyler loves nature and the outdoors. He also values perspective and diversity of thought.

Tyler has lived in different countries around the world, including Costa Rica and England. These experiences have given Tyler a multicultural perspective, and he is able to speak English and is conversational in Spanish. Tyler lives in Seaside, California where he enjoys spending time with his wife and three dogs, listening to music, and watching films. Tyler also spends his time having dinner with his family and stargazing.